Feedback – 19th September

From this tutorial, we discussed my summer project and developed a short term goal, in addition to other elements that can be improved upon. One of these elements was that I am required to make my writing more personal and expressive. Perhaps considering my own strengths and weaknesses. I think that I am weak in this area as in A-Level I was taught to focus on fact, not thought, whereas this foundation course surrounds personal ideas and creativity. To improve on this I will try to include more of my own personal opinions within my blog posts, regardless of what they include. For example, when discussing a gallery, I could state the way the exhibitions allowed me to feel, what I liked and disliked, what I felt inspired by, and which techniques I would like to attempt myself. In reverse to this, it was stated that my critical comparison was good. Again, I believe this stems from A-Level requiring me to frequently analyse and compare various works, which in turn built up a confidence in myself.

My short term goal finalised as improving my photography skills. This is an area I have wanted to improve on for a number of years, but have avoided doing so for no reason other than fear of not enjoying the actual art of photography as I thought it was particularly specific. After discussion, I realise that art, including photography, can be anything I want it to be. I have the intention of purchasing a DSLR camera in the upcoming weeks, and through lessons with Dave, building up skill and confidence through experimenting and learning. I am excited to complete this goal as photography has always been something I have been interested in, but have been too afraid to experiment with.

To conclude, this discussion brought to my attention the areas I need to improve upon, as well as providing me with a goal I look forward to completing, and hopefully enjoying for the rest of my creative life.