Map Activity

The below image shows my representation of the United Kingdom. This activity was to allow us to consider where we could see ourselves spending three years of our life, potentially at university.

When asked where I could visualise myself spending a significant amount of my life, I thought greatly about what I require from a place. I decided that I would like to remain surrounded by beautiful scenery, whether in the form of the countryside, in reflection of my home in the Lake District, or in the form of stunning architecture. In addition to this, I know that I would not like to be too far away from home – I would like the be able to drive there and home again if I so wished. I also considered night life, which at this age is important to me. Deliberating the above, I found I was torn between both Newcastle and Edinburgh. I concluded the latter as I feel more drawn to the prospect of somewhere new, having visited only once properly, bar seeing the National Art Gallery. I know Newcastle more than I know Edinburgh, meaning that Edinburgh intrigues me more.