Research – Dream Job

My dream job is to become an interior designer, potentially for my own company.

Article providing job information, requirements and opportunities

The above articles explains the future of an interior designer – such as, expectations, necessary skills and potential salary. I found this article useful because it fully defined what an interior designer is.

Article representing an interview with Karen Howes

The article above depicts what being an interior designer is truly like. I like that this showed an honest opinion from a personal perspective from a true interior designer with her own company.

Fabulous crystals fragmenting from ceramic

Further research into Karen Howes lead me to the above artist as Howes has an entire page on her website ( dedicated to the work of those she has associated with. This shows how these artists all work with and support each other through their careers. The objects depicted on the website really inspire me as they are completely unique and beautiful.

Mr Architecture and Design

Contemporary interior design group, represents diversity and difference.

To make my dream a reality, I need to begin small. This would entail finding work placement within my chosen field, locally. Thankfully, in my town there are many design companies, usually hopeful to offer work placement opportunities. Considering this, I realised I nearly accept one week work experience at Indigo Furnishings four years ago. Further research into potentially applying back there lead me to find Gemma Packham, located only 300 yards from Indigo Furnishings – both companies being very local. Work experience in either of these places would give me a true insight into life as an interior designer, as well as providing me with essential experience that later employers would be search for. If I were to gain a place on work experience at Gemma Packham, I would hope that I would be shadowing the designer to allow myself to develop a true insight into the career path.