Reflective On Furniture Design

This reflection surrounds the workshop I endured whereby I created an abstract chair and light selection, developed from progressive sketches of a screw driver. I found the process of this development to be ultimately accessible. It worked well because my outcome was so different to what I had envisaged – I felt it allowed me to create something entirely unique and interesting from something absolutely mundane. I was overall happy with my outcome because it allowed me to use my design skills in a more experimental way than I have previously. In the future, I hope to become an interior designer, which I think provided the basis for my passion on this workshop.

I would like to revisit this progression technique if ever I am stuck for an idea. The concept of taking an object, redrawing it in various materials and later designing something from the latest recreation provides means for any unique creation. For this reason, I think this workshop improved me as a creative person as it gave me an alternative way to formulate ideas. I intend to reuse this technique in the future, perhaps I could attempt to use it for something other than designing, such as the final outcome being an abstract painting.