Rachel Gibson Reflective

This reflection surrounds my viewing of Rachel Gibson’s ‘Transient’ exhibition in the Brewery Arts Gallery. Immediately as I saw this artists work I felt inspired. I was drawn to her technique most, but I then began to appreciate her concept – she captures passing moments in a slightly abstract or heightened manor. It was reminiscent of an artists I studied during A-Level (Emily Louise Heard) who also used vibrant, almost unrealistic colours in her paintings. However, I value Gibson more, as she combines both bright, muted and monotone colours together in such an aesthetically pleasing way. In the near future, I would like to experiment with her technique of building up texture with acrylic and working on top with chalk pastels, with fine detail being in acrylic again. However, I would like to use my own photography which I intend to gain from building on my SMART goal of improving my confidence and ability in photography. Thus, combining my inspiration from this artist, and my progressive photography, I wish to create my own piece in response.