Mayor’s Final Christmas Card

The Mayor’s Christmas card had to fit the theme of ‘helping each other’. When seeking inspiration, I began thinking of elves and how they are often portrayed to help each other build toys for children. I had an image in my head of a cross-section of a workshop, with a number of details and a couple of elves working on the bench – helping each other.


In hindsight, I think my final outcome looks more childish and unskilled than I would have liked. I wanted it to look like a cartoon, but I failed to include as much detail into it as I would have liked. I believe this piece would have been more effective if there had been more detail incorporated, as I had envisaged. I would also have liked to have included bolder colour. My intention was to incorporate soft, muted water colours, however I do not think this was successful, perhaps acrylic paint or oil pastel would have been more effective.