Camera Reflective

In reflection of my SMART goal, I finally purchased a DSLR camera. My aim for this goal is simply to gain and improve my photography skills through experimenting and various photography lessons with Dave. I feel excited about having my own camera to experiment with. Immediately after gaining the camera I began looking at the settings; having learned how to zero the camera only that day, I played around with that, in addition to working with program mode. Having no conclusive subject matter as of yet, I simply photographed things around me. I found that I like to focus the image myself rather than let the camera focus automatically, although sometimes auto mode is more beneficial and easy. Below are examples of my photography so far, after only a day of experimentation and development. The ones that are most successful are those that possess good lighting in reflection of the emotive of the subject – for example, the image of the shelving unit and window feels calming to observe due to the dull lighting. My aim is to gain skills in photography and hopefully find a subject I am passionate about photographing in the process.