Weaving Reflective

This reflection surrounds the weaving workshop, whereby I was taught how to weave – a technique I had never encountered before. I found weaving incredibly calming, it is something that does not require extensive concentration but looks amazing in the end. I think that this applies to most textiles – the are relaxing to perform and appear successful in the finale. Our tutor stated that her major was in woven textiles, which made me think about what my major or specialism would be. In consideration to my specialism, I know that I love textiles as a medium. However, although textiles is something I will work closely with in the future as I study for interior design, I do not think it is my strongest aspect of creativity. I prefer mixed media as I love the contrast between drawing, whether in tonal pencil or paint, with the addition of textiles worked over the top. Textiles is something I have been interested in since a young age, and while I would like to build upon my pre-existing skills, I do not consider it to be my specialism, at least not yet. To conclude, this workshop allowed me to consider where I would like to take my skills in textiles in the future, and my decision is to build upon them but not necessarily focus on them primarily, rather use them in addition to another skill such as painting.