Response to ‘Drive’

For this film response, I found that I simply doodled throughout the film – I drew aspects of the film I saw or interpreted from it. This worked well as I was not worried about the final outcome. The task involved using an unconventional material in addition to the other material I drew in – I chose a blue oil pastel which worked in contrast with black pen, creating a depth to the piece. I like how the collection of doodles work together to form one piece – I tried to attach each image together in some way with either another sketch or part of the shading from a different image. Although some of the faces in the top right did not turn out as well as I hoped (due to the room being dark), this adds to the organic feel the piece possesses and I think that it echoes my view of the film. The film was busy, my response appears busy. Overall, this is my favourite response piece so far. Although in some aspects it mirrors my etch response to ‘This is England’, I prefer the addition of colour in this one.