Photography Reflective

This reflective expands further on my SMART goal to build upon my personal photography. Since I purchased my own DSLR camera, I have experimented somewhat with various camera settings and subjects. I found that I love taking photographs more than I initially thought. It I often the case that I find myself inspired by the lighting and subjects in my own garden, such as flowers, rocks and the reflection of changing season in the leafs. Below are examples of my photography thus far. Some images are more successful than others. For example, manual focus rather than automatic focus works well because I can decide where the focus of the image is. Over the past couple of days I have found myself inspired by the autumn season. Autumn is my favourite time of year as I love the colour palette it focuses on. Following this, I feel determined to capture the season changing in a successful way though photography. Below are some examples of my attempts but I think that the lighting (perhaps the ISO setting) are a little too dark in the images of leafs and do not give the subject justice. Over the next few days I hope to develop skill and create a final, autumnal photography piece I think is successful.