Critique Reflective

Upon discussing my sample ideas with my peers, I established a number of areas I could further develop. My initial idea for the child with giraffe legs was to maintain it in all tonal sketches, however, as other’s had suggested, I concluded the piece would be more effective and relevant to the theme if the legs were in coloured pencils and the child was in tonal sketches. The second point made was for my third piece – a collage of distorted facial images. I had planned to only use image maker and stitch for the piece, however, as other’s stated, it would be more successful if there was an addition of sketch on bondaweb ironed on to the piece. Finally, we concluded that using black and white images for the face, juxtaposed with coloured drawings and embroidery would enhance the out of place element of the piece.

Overall, I found it immensely beneficial to discuss my ideas with my peers as they had further development ideas that I otherwise would not have had. I hope to use this in the future and ask the opinions of others when planning my work to ensure is it the best it can be.