Who is the most inspirational artist or designer you have looked at in the last year and why? Have they influenced your work and if so how?

I found I was inspired by Phillipe Stark, a contemporary product designer who designed the famous lemon squeezer. As someone who aims to become an interior designer, I found myself motivated by his abstracted creations and realised I too did not have to maintain to regimented furniture or other art designs. Rather than inspiring my personal work, this artist  has influenced my way of thinking prior to creating a design, in addition to developing my understanding of the design world – creating weird and wacky artworks gets you noticed and admired.

Name an iconic designer who has a link to the London buses?

Thomas Hetherwick

Who was the artist that made the Angel of the North?

Anthony Gormley

Who is Art Wolfe?

List 5 different ways to research?

Mood boards (Pinterest), artists linking to the subject, articles about the subject or artist, YouTube clips surrounding the subject or artist, and creating personal mind-maps in the subject.

Name an artist who has exhibited at the Brewery arts centre this year and describe their work?

Rachel Gibson portrayed various artworks surrounding the themes of passing moments. Her work was influenced by poems surrounding this subject, hence her exhibition was labeled ‘transience’ – meaning the passing of a moment. Using acrylic and chalk pastels, this artist created pieces inspired by and reflecting sections of the poems. For example, ‘After Rain’ depicts the colours and tones in the sky following a rain storm. In this piece, Gibson captured and exaggerated the colours truly found in such a moment, creating a peaceful, beautiful image that reflects the quote from the poem.

Describe one of Katie Paterson pieces of artwork? (From the conceptual art programme)?

Who is Jeremy Scott and what famous brand does he work for?

A designer, working for Gucci.

What is development and why do we do it? 

Development is a process used to further something into a more conceptual idea/piece. It can be used in all aspects of art – from developing an idea to developing a physical piece. It enables us to formulate something potentially amazing from what was initially merely an idea.

Name a famous pair of performance artists?

Gilbert and George

Who made the fountain and what is it?

An upside down urinal.

What is Dada?

Post World War II conceptual and strange art movement. Simple arts to mock authority, seen as fighting back at society.

Who is Chris Jordan?

Statistics artist.