Mike Medaglia Reflective

Mike Medaglia’s presentation this morning influenced me immensely. I believe he diminished my concerns in regards to creating – he stated that all artists, including himself, have more failures than successes. This shows me that I am not alone in not constantly creating amazing pieces all of the time. In addition, he explained life in creative industry to a true extent – he did not sugar coat anything. Stating that he disliked many elements of his dream job yet still remained positive and insight of the larger picture confirmed my beliefs that it can’t all be wonderful all of the time. I think that this presentation really helped my view of the creative world and helped initiate my life decisions following this foundation course.

Secondly, I feel inspired by Medaglia’s element of creating. I appreciate his uplifting spirit that is portrayed through all of his works. I love his skill as an illustrator and his passion for such. Viewing his work immediately makes me want to pick up a sketch book and draw, doodle anything, create. I think this passion stems from the illustrator within me and perhaps reflects that maybe this is my specialism? As someone who is so influenced and motivated by illustrators such as Medaglia, perhaps this is the route I need to walk further down.