Mike Medaglia

Mike Medaglia’s lecture began with an explanation of how he became an artist. I found it inspiring that he began as a self published artist, meaning that he felt condifent enough in his own work to publish himself. Yet even prior to this he completed a degree in theatre, something completely unrelated to his present profession of comic art. As someone struggling to identify a specialism within art, this reasurred me that often, the best things happen when you are not looking for the.

Throughout the presentation, something that was frequently stated was his motivation for his artwork – he was always trying to improve and gain skill, having never attended art school, he knew the competition and pressure he was under. A question was asked regarding which part of his job he disliked; he replied with ‘all of it’. He stated that his passion had become work and at times, he hated it, but he could identify the bigger picture which provided him with the motivation to move past that and find inspiration. I find that this portrays to me the issues with the wider world – I am not always going to love my job, or any job, there will always be hard times; but it is important to constantly remain in frame of the greater image and realise what matters.

Another issue stated in the presentation was that he has more artistic failures than successes. This both resonates and motivates me – knowing that all artists face failures most of the time inspires me to continually keep going, as they do too. This is the primary reason for why artists need to be enthusiastic and passionate, something I need to continue in also. It also means that it is important for me to develop and adapt to anything that I am faced with – try new things, experiment, create intentional failures.

I believe that Mike’s lecture relates to this foundation course in that he portrayed an example of real life, true industry. He represented how important it is to remain true to yourself – to be different, he confirmed the importance of hard work, and explained why determination, passion and enthusiasm are essential to being successful. In context, this presentation ensured the essentials needed to present my own work to universities through interview’s – I need to ‘sell’ myself, show my best work first, keep it short, have a confirmed unique selling point, and to be confident.