Stuart Medley Workshop

Stuart Medley is another artist featured in the comic art’s festival whose work portrays fantastical cartoon drawings. This workshop surrounded the art of creating an individual comic character, a process that the artist uses himself. I enjoyed this process as it is something I have never experimented in before – I liked creating my own character’s with their own personalities and had not ever considered doing so prior. I found that the task of creating three different lines to reflect three different characteristics to build a character from worked really well as each turned out differently to the other, it was a simple initial process that could be built upon to form a character. I think that this is an excellent technique for drawing and I will bring it forward later in life. As a student interested in illustration, I believe that I passionately worked through this workshop and picked up many techniques I will incorporate into later work. To develop, I hope to use the techniques I have learned in my own personal drawing process and experiment further with character drawing; for this reason I found the workshop immensely beneficial.