Specialism Reflective

Upon further consideration, I believe my specialism currently stands in illustration as this were my most proud outcomes lay. Under illustration comes a number of various techniques such as textiles/embroidery, sculpture, sketch drawings and paintings, all of which I adore working in and combining together to create one entire illustration. I believe this conclusion came from reflecting on a university interview I participated within last year. When presenting some of my work, primarily my wire drawings, my interviewer stated that he believed my love for working in wire came from my adoration for illustration. Thinking nothing of it at the time as for then I was required to work in all areas rather than being encouraged to specialise, I bypassed the comment. However, looking back, I believe the interviewer was correct. Although I love many mediums within art, I primarily turn to illustration which I later build upon in other medias. Moving forward, I intend to focus on illustration techniques within my current brief, opposition, while additionally incorporating other mediums to create my individual style.