Review Reflective

The transition from A Level to Foundation was uplifting. I found A Levels difficult and demotivating; I felt constricted by the Art & Design course provided at my school as I was pushed to show skill in all areas in a brief space of time and thus had not gained a focused specialism. Throughout A Level, I struggled to find the time to create as between essays and coursework necessary for other subjects, I found myself rushing to get artwork done and therefore did not enjoy it. Foundation is a huge contrast to this as I am encouraged to find a specialism I wish to develop further while also being provided with more than enough time to finish personal artworks amongst other artistic hobbies. I enjoy the Foundation course extensively, over the initial six weeks I have enjoyed discovering new techniques through workshops that I have not ever experimented with prior. As stated, my previous school pushed us to maintain skill in most aspects of art, yet this was still done under tight restrictions of what my teachers could provide, whereas this is not the case on Foundation. The most challenging aspect of Foundation is the transition into living and breathing art. Whereas in A Level, I was constantly considering two or three other polar opposite subjects that lacked creativity, so it is strange to me to no longer have this stress and to focus primarily on my current brief. Although difficult, this is an aspect I also enjoy.

A target I would issue myself to meet before Christmas is to continue building skill. I hope to create more artworks per week than I currently am to do this. I would like to become more confident in my specialism of illustration and gain skills in the areas surrounding and within such, digital illustration for example. Based on my current performance, I would issue myself the target grade of a high merit. I hope to achieve a distinction grade in the finale of this course, however, presently I believe I stand just under this. With increased specialism focus and development of overall skill, I believe I can achieve this