Svabhu Kohli Reflective

Having encountered the work of Svabhu Kohli during research for watercolour techniques, I found myself inspired by his work. Each painting has such a great amount of depth and intricacy, developed in layers between watercolour and digital processes, which ensures the audience looks more in depth at the piece to notice every element. This artist is inspiring to me because of this dedication to detail, I extensively appreciate artworks that have clearly included countless hours of development as I can resonate with this from previous artworks of my own – this artist portrays how time inclusion pays off in artworks. In addition, as my specialism is illustration, I feel passionate about his work as I hope to create similar works. I think this emotional correspondence is essential to appreciating an artist. Furthering this, I desire to include various techniques of his in my own work. For example, today we made illustrations using watercolour techniques and fine liner. I stated in a previous post that I intend to further develop my piece from this workshop and having more closely considered this artist now, I intend to work in some of his techniques additionally. This artist has taught me ways in which I can expand my specialism by pushing illustrations through further processes to add further dimension.