Research Inspiration Reflective

Typing ‘Imaginary’ into Pinterest exposed countless options. When flicking through, I encountered the below entitled ‘The Door of Imagination’ and found myself thinking what is imaginary about this mundane, otherwise real door? I thought about what could be behind the door, which immediately spurred an idea for a potential outcome for the finalisation of my concept. I considered creating a room instillation piece – a mundane door with some kind of sign on the front stating the Einstein quote ‘imagination encircles the world’. Inside the room is a big drawing/painting that expands across each wall, depicting an imaginary scene. I realise this idea is somewhat unrealistic, but it can be narrowed down to become more successful – perhaps the door could be hinged to a wall, behind the door is a respectably sized intricate illustration reflecting those of my inspired artist: Svabhu Kohli. Or potentially the room could be small scale – a box the size of a laptop positioned on a stand at eye level so the audience would open a miniature door onto the artwork.

I love how inspiration can be found anywhere, this process has really shown that. When viewing through Pinterest I had no intention of formulating a possible piece idea. This is a successful motivation as one process inspired many ideas that have the potential to be extended further. From this point, I intend to keep this idea in mind and build on it in the future. So far I have learned that there are no limits to where inspiration can be found – the most successful inspirations occur when you are not actively looking.