Banksy – Exit Through The Gift Shop

This film presented many street art artists in addition to Banksy, how they came to be and the behind-the-scenes action of their work. I learned about the process of street art that art can come from anything. Below is my response to the film made out of wire – it is my interpretation of Thierry Guetta, the artist the documentary was really about. I actually really disliked this artist – Mr. Brainwash, as it appeared to me as though he mocked real art/artists. None of his work was his own, it lacked concept and skill, which to me is what art is about. It is argumented as to whether this documentary is really a spoof because Banksy is still unknown and, although Bansky is the name of the documentary, Banksy was not the focus of it. Regardless, this film initiated background information on new street artists which I found useful.