Life Drawing Reflection

Life drawing is something I have always loved. Although the outcomes rarely work well, I enjoy experimenting with real figure drawings as I believe it develops my drawing skills as a whole and thus increases my drawing ability while improving my specialism – illustration. The elements of this workshop that worked well were experimenting with measuring with a pencil/thumb – noting which parts of the body lined up with which to gain a more accurate representation. This worked as it presented ways to line up the body other than doing so by eye, which is a difficult method. I also found using basic shapes in my initial sketches to create proportions worked well too as, again, it allowed me to gain a more accurate representation. During this workshop I created four pieces which show my development in life drawing skills even in such a small space of time. To improve, I believe I could experiment further with proportional accuracy and attempt more difficult positions such as sitting on a chair. This workshop developed my eye for figure drawing as well as overall skill: I intend to further develop this by continuing life drawing.