Innovative Piece Reflective

This reflection surrounds the innovative piece workshop whereby we were required to research and make a unique and exciting piece relating to our concept in one day. I found research worked well in ensuring I had an interesting idea for my piece as I considered upcoming artists which I otherwise would not have. However, I believe I set myself too much to do in a day. Upon discussion with Sorrel, I discovered the piece needed to be well made, which if I was to create the piece I had in mind, it would not have been. This led to further discussion on an alternative piece I could make, yet I severely lacked the enthusiasm for this at it was the complete opposite of what I initially intended to make. I think that rather than changing my idea completely, I should have simplified my initial idea which I had the motivation for. A lack of a strategic plan for this new piece was another element as to why it failed. Having no plan for my piece meant I had nothing to look back on when making, and could only trial and error what worked and what didn’t. This led to an experimental piece that did not work successfully. I felt incredibly disappointed with my piece as it was not what I initially desired to create and I lacked passion for it. I feel that perhaps with a plan for my second idea, or a simplified version of my initial idea, this workshop would have been successful.

As Becca was having the same problems with her piece, we decided to swap and build upon each other’s. This worked incredibly well as I was able to consider ways to improve another’s work, while they improved on mine too. Having an additional insight into my piece helped me broaden my own view on it. This shows me that having another person consider my ideas or work is successful and is something I intend to allow in the future. I have learned that other people’s opinions can be especially helpful for development.