Concept Refinement Reflective

A tutorial with Sorrel altered my concept slightly as I stated what I wished my outcome to portray – this being, I wished to put imagination into something as mundane as a normal home in the form of imaginative furniture. I found myself struggling with my concept in that I lacked ideas for portraying imagination in a physical form as other artists I had found had only created imaginary scenes in illustration. Not being able to envisage how other artists had portrayed my concept dulled my inspiration. Upon consideration, we discovered refining my concept to surrealism rather than imagination made it far easier. Although imagination is endless, it is hard to portray successfully, whereas surrealism is more blunt and fits opposition better – the opposition between real and surreal. It is also easier to convey through interiors which is what I wished my outcome to be. Having marginally changed my concept has inspired me again and given me an improved direction to take my work in. Initially I was fearful of having to change my concept, as up until this point, imagination is what I had worked towards. However, this process has showed me that it is okay to change what you are working on – it can, and usually does, lead to a more successful outcome than the initial idea.