Craft Gallery Reflection

The craft gallery was a free walk space that displayed, mainly, mesh ‘dresses’ that passers by could freely stitch into. Although I did not participate in this, I found it inspiring to see the ‘doodles’ in the dresses other people had made. The gallery space was busy in decoration, however it felt peaceful and creative, especially as there was a young woman calmly and freely stitching into the fabric with earphones in. My favourite of the doodles are depicted in images below, I found the most common images to be abstracted faces or simple shapes such as hearts. I believe the image on the yellow mesh reflects a line drawing by Picasso which interests me as I wonder if the creator intended this. It was greatly¬†interesting to view many different people’s responses to stitching, the works weren’t all necessarily skillful, but each told a different story about the creators day or how they were feeling. I feel inspired by this as even people who could not stitch particularly well still attempted to create a reflection of there emotions. This motivates me to always create, even when I am not particularly good with the material.