Opposition Presentation Reflective

This reflection surrounds my personal presentation to finalise the current project of Opposition. I believe my presentation was sufficient yet there was one key areas I can improve. My confidence with presenting in front of a group has grown extensively since the beginning of the year, however I still believe I can further this by practicing in later projects. For this presentation, I failed to formulate a script to follow as I initially believed this would force me to gain confidence in speaking. In previous presentations where I have had a script, I found myself stumbling across the words and feeling nervous about saying the wrong thing – thus, not having a script would eliminate this. However, although this was partially the case, I also found that, in hindsight, I had forgotten to say everything I had intended to, meaning that I had left out essential parts of my research and development processes out of my presentation. Moving forward, I intend to meet in between these two techniques of either having or not having a script to follow, and rather I will create queue cards to prompt my points and formulate around these during presenting instead of reading exact sentences or lacking anything to go from. I believe this will be successful as the other two methods have proved not to be. Overall, this experience has helped show me ways in which I can further improve my presenting skills for later projects.