Tutorial Feedback Reflective

Following a tutorial with Dave, it was brought to my attention some of the flaws in my lamp as it currently stands. Firstly,  some minor alterations are required to polish off the lamp prior to it entering the exhibition. These include, rewiring the lamp to black wire so that it matches the plug and looks sleek, also, moving the wire pins to the reverse of the legs so that the wire is hidden more. Furthering this, greater improvements are necessary for the shade itself, such as, a larger shade to increase the impact of the shadow. We considered creating my own lamp shade and forming the tentacle creature out of the shade itself, however, in the time i have before the exhibition I do not believe this is possible. To simplify this idea, I thought of cutting out one side of the shade entirely and creating a layered paper cut within it to form the shadow. This would be more effective and coincides with my response to Anastiassia Elias’s work. This tutorial highlighted the areas I need to change in my piece to develop it further and bring it up to a higher standard. This has showed me, again, that often it is necessary to have an additional input in creative pieces to reflect on areas of improvement that I can easily become blind to in my own work.