Personal Statement Tasks

Student A:-

  • Informal; ‘to be honest’
  • Bland – showed no passion for subjects
  • Repetitive; ‘self-taught’


Student B:-

  • Good language
  • Showed passion
  • Details
  • States how events developed them as a creative person
  • Showed something new – highland dancing
  • Appeared like a list


Student C:-

  • Innovative introduction linking to the course
  • Showed sixth-form to college transition
  • Somewhat repetitive with sixth-form
  • Intuitive language use – showed intelligence
  • Interesting to read
  • Ending linked to introduction


Out of the three student’s personal statements I had read, I would progress ‘Student C’ on to the interview stage for the reasons stated above. This presents to me ways in which a personal statement should read with the inclusion of the most interesting aspects of my educational and personal lives. I should not include list formats, or mundane repetition, yet I should incorporate a strong sense of passion and interest with the inclusion of good language. This task portrayed examples of both good and bad personal statements which will help with writing my own.