Strengths and Weaknesses

Throughout this project, I believe my strongest element was my ability to create an installation space in such a small amount of time. Being given my exhibition space the day before the deadline meant it was necessary for me to quickly plan and create something I could display to push my piece further with it being installed in a mock-up room. If I had initially managed my time more sufficiently, I would have had more time to pan this, however, since I had not, I believe I worked well in the time I did have. Although I found it difficult to gather the pieces I needed in the time, I had no trouble planning and decided how I wanted to space to appear. I believe this is a strength because I was able to quickly adapt to my exhibition space in a very brief amount of time.

I believe my key weakness was my time management during the final piece process. Having lacked sufficient development pieces for my final piece, I had not tested the shadow idea properly until a very late stage, meaning that when the idea failed to work, I was encouraged to revert back into my comfort zone – something I knew that I could create. If my time management at this stage had been better, I would have been able to attempt another technique and experiment further with new ideas rather than receding back to what I knew I could do. From this, I have learned that it is essential for me to properly experiment with all ideas, keeping each open until I have concluded an effective final piece. I will take this weakness further into future projects to push myself as a creative person.