Personal Statement Draft

Interior design can be a reflection of a person, a family, or a company within a given space and can combine both personality and function. This is something that has always been a passion of mine. I have been aware of interior spaces and design from childhood and this has developed into consideration of the wider picture; how the interior design within large establishments, such as schools and shops, echoed the internal product. Studying Art and Design GCSE, A-Level and Foundation Diploma has matured my artistic senses, developed my creative ability, and extended my awareness of individual expression through art. Now I feel ready to undertake an Interior Design course, having developed the creativity and technique, motivation to learn, engagement and independence vital for university life.

Studying a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design has already provided me with many creatively extending projects that have developed me as a person, artist and designer. I have recently designed and curated a small installation space to be exhibited in the Kendal Museum art gallery for public viewing. I have recognized some of my strengths and weaknesses through this project and the opportunity has advanced my ideas; beginning with a theme, developing a concept and producing and installing a final piece.

In Barcelona last year, I explored the work of Gaudi, which made a very strong impression on me. I’m inspired and motivated by the visit and see his work as a key influence for the future. Currently, I hold a part-time management position with Next, working as Stockroom Coordinator for the past year which has developed my time management, leadership and team-working skills immensely. Entering the Young Enterprise program in Sixth Form developed my knowledge of the business world and prior to this, I worked as a Sales Assistant on the Home department, sharing my interior creative outlook with customers as well as keeping updated on the latest interior and spatial trends.

Having been inspired from a young age, my goal is to progress and develop through university in Interior Design to prepare for a future in my chosen career path.