Portfolio Workshops

What kind of portfolio does a university want to see?

  • Unique
  • Shows development/experiments/test pieces
  • Range/diversity
  • Life/observational drawings

How a portfolio should be put together:-

  • Evidence of creativity
  • Professional but human
  • You have got to be proud of it so yo can discuss confidently
  • Strong beginning and a strong end
  • Show ideas/concepts/passion
  • Expression of personality
  • Show that you have potential

Mini portfolios are electronic. They need to be impressive to allow access to the next stage. They should show the best work and the work included should explain itself.

Mini portfolio task:-

  • Fashion student: included everything that was asked for, showed development. Didn’t amaze me.
  • Photography student: shows different techniques, something new – told a story. No development or ideas.
  • Illustration student: showed a range, showed process, layed out professionally. Strange order, development at the bottom.

Main portfolio:-

  • Development
  • Test pieces and failures
  • Reflect different skills
  • Design process – flowing
  • Messy stuff
  • Visual sketchbooks
  • Creative inspirations
  • Continuity
  • Represent personality
  • Submit what you want them to see
  • Include things with a story
  • Show things outside your comfort zone
  • Little things that make ideas happen
  • Organised
  • Professional

Main portfolio task:-

  • Illustration student: showed clear passion. No development, only final pieces, nothing new.
  • Graphics student: professional, shows potential. Needs sketchbooks, not effective.
  • Textiles student: showed diversity, range, development, passion, and potential. Not professional.
  • A combination of the graphics and textiles student’s portfolio would have been more effective.