Project Decision Reflective

I have concluded that for the trust and transparency brief, I will surround my project around trust in the eyes. For this I intend to focus on the physical and scientific transparency of our eyes and eyesight, while also considering the trust we have in our sight, and potential distrust through impaired vision and blind spots. As someone who is incredibly short-sighted, I already know that I will enjoy studying this project as it is something I am interesting in due to personal connections.

I came to this decision from the consideration of trust in the body, which I then decided to focus down on just the eyes due to the reasons stated above. This was also due to a conversation with Sorrel. It is a topic easily accessible to me, as well as being a fascinating one. I believe narrowing down my initial project idea was beneficial as it formulated a more concentrated area I could review. I feel excited about this project and have, again, learned that a discussion of ideas with peers or tutors can extend such ideas into more successful ones.