Dance Show Reflective


Above is my response piece to the college dance show on the final day of term. The room was very dark as the light focus was on the dancers on the stage, which meant I was unable to see my paper clearly. This lead to some very abstract shapes. I found myself expressing the shapes I was viewing with simple lines, while looking only at the figures, so the lines do not connect or reflect anything in particular. As the dancers were moving quickly, I was unable to sketch an entire figure, however this worked with the abstracted style. I like this piece because it can be interpreted in many ways; where one viewer would see a face in the piece, another would see an arm’s movement. I added colour later to provide definition and substance to the piece. I believe elements from this painting would work sufficiently created out of wire or clay. Such pieces developed from this would work well within my university application portfolio.

In reflection, sketching the dance show freed up my drawing style even more. I was able to focus on the dancers whilst moving my pencil across the paper to create marks which I later worked further into. I enjoyed the process and it has encouraged me to sketch more moving figures.