Artist Research Reflective

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg create gifs (second long repeated moving clips) of what it is like to look through glasses. The gifs portray a true visualisation of looking through a lens. I like the pieces as they are incredibly simple but greatly effective; each piece is simply the focal point of a camera being positioned where the lens of the glasses are, while the surrounding image remains blurred. These pieces resonate with me on a personal levels because it reflects how short-sighted people truly see, rather than the common assumption that short-sighted people can’t see anything. I find that it is often dramatised and there is a lack of understanding in the way the short-sighted see, I frequently find people holding two fingers in front of me and asking how many they are holding when I take my glasses off because they think that I am entirely blind from a certain point. However, this is not the case, as rather the fingers would just be blurry. I find the pieces by this artist inspiring because they motivate me to work further into my photography skills and experiment with photography through my actual glasses. This would be interesting to see how the camera can focus through the lenses of glasses. For this experiment I will need further research into the functions of camera focus through vision corrective glasses.

Overall, researching these artists has given me a new stepping stone for my project and have provided me with an additional technique to experiment with. I find research the more effective part of creating as I am able to discover so much. I feel inspired.