‘Make Your Own Luck’ Reflective

Today, during a conversation with my dentist, upon discussion regarding my hopes of going to university this year after the failure to achieve a place last year, he said something that really stuck with me. Taken out of context now, I can’t remember exactly how the conversation went, but he said ‘you make your own luck in life’. This is a statement I regard to be 100% true. Luck as a subject is a complete gimmick. Sure, it’s nice to believe in, and to consider some objects to provide us with definitive luck, but the truth is, we make our own ‘luck’. This conversation with someone of authority, being a dentist, left a great impression on me. When I think of it in terms of my grades from last year, and the grade I hope to achieve this year, I understand that it really is down to me for how well I do, there is no one else and any ‘lucky’ item that can help me. Luck isn’t something I ever really believed in, but I had also never considered the fact we make our own. Moving forward, I intend to take this comment seriously, and consider it when doing my work and achieving – I have to do well for myself, it’s not down to luck or anything else.