Personal Statement

Interior design is more than choosing fabrics and wallpapers; it is a reflection of a person, a family, or a company within a given space. An interior capacity prominently reflects personality and function. This is something that has always been a passion of mine; as a child, I loved to view the ways my friends had expressed themselves throughout their homes. Growing into adulthood, this developed into consideration of the wider picture; how the interior design within large establishments, such as schools and shops, echoed the internal product. Studying art and design engaged this further as I matured my artistic senses, progressed my creative ability, and expanded my awareness of individual expression through art. I believe advancing my interior design motivation to degree level will provide me with impeccable foundations for a career in this field.

An Interior Design course requires creativity and technique, alongside a motivation to learn and achieve. Such attributes were developed in me from a particularly young age as I was constantly surrounded by artistic people in a creatively encouraging environment; when I was old enough to understand, my brother taught me simple drawing techniques, while aged seven, I helped assist my Design Engineer father build an extension to our home. This quickly developed my devotion for art and design, allowing me the freedom to practice and develop minor skills; evolving my creative characteristics early in life.

Studying a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design has already provided me with many creatively extending projects that have developed me as a person, artist and designer. I have recently designed and curated a small installation space for specific clientele to be exhibited in the Kendal Museum. I propelled myself into this opportunity with motivation and advanced my ideas from title, to concept, to final piece. I extensively learned some personal strengths and faults through this which I am keen to build upon through future projects.

Travelling to Barcelona last year encompassed a new realm of design knowledge upon viewing Gaudi’s inspirational work. I felt wholly invigorated by the innovative techniques I had seen and I ultimately believe his work provides great enthusiasm for my interior passions.

Currently, I hold a management position in the corporate retail company, Next. Working as Stockroom Coordinator for the prior year has extended my time management, leadership and collaboration capabilities immensely. The stockroom revolves around productivity, enforcing that I am ensured to keep myself and my team strongly time managed, while maintaining high moral and motivation to accommodate our narrow deadlines. This position has greatly heightened my sense of independence as I am responsible for myself, my employees and the store, sustaining safety and standards of each.

Entering the Young Enterprise program in Sixth Form majorly developed my knowledge of the business world additionally to this position. Prior to this, I worked as a Sales Assistant on the Home department, meaning I was able to share my interior creative outlook with customers as well as keeping updated on the latest interior and spatial trends.

Having been inspired from a young age, I uphold an ultimate desire to progress and develop in this Interior Design course until I am entirely prepared for my future in my chosen career path.