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Interior Design Timeline

  • Stone age: focus on practicality, but decorated walls with drawings.


Interior trends from around the world:-

  • In renowned conductor William Christie's 16th-century house in France, color and pattern are not confined to the fabrics — they reappear on the walls and even the ceiling, painted in a glorious trompe l'oeil by François Roux. In this room, Roux mixed the motifs of Christie's two great passions, music and gardens. The 19th-century French chandelier was inspired by a 17th-century Dutch original. An antique fabric covers the table.
  • 16th century inspired sitting room situated in France.
  • Doing the kitchen in one color tile breaks with the Mexican tradition of "having a riot of colors," designer John Houshmand says of his hacienda in Mexico. And doing it in yellow seems "totally American. It's a pretty darn happy place to be."
  • Kitchen in Mexico. Using all one tile break tradition of ‘having a riot of colours’.
  • Use of Moroccan tile ‘bringing the outdoors in’. Tiles were created traditionally yet still appear modern.
  • Ikat textiles are usually Indonesian. Handwoven with threads dyed prior. This create patterns with interesting variation – rich, vibrant colours, subtle sense of movement. Bohemian vibe?
  • Danish furniture, warm wood tones, simple lines in place of clutter.
  • ‘Splaces become more interesting with a few contrasting elements.’
  • English leather club chairs provide homely, post-traditional vibe. Masculine.
  • Turkish rugs in combination with other textile found around the world.
  • Mixing scales, patterns and cultural influences creates a layered, traveled look.

  • Jean-Louis Deniot: creating atmospheres.
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  • David Collins: combines imagination and creativity to develop luxury interior design.
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