Opposition Feedback Reflective

Within my reflective journals I am able to ‘sort out my ideas’ and document my thought processes. I am good at recording feedback given by both tutors and peers, and make objective comments regarding such. Additionally, I am aware that my reflective journal is a place I can critique my own work as it is intended for. However, I perhaps need to be conscious of using complicated language as this may disguise what I intend to convey. Although using complex language is simply the way I write, and I do not believe it hindrances my personal clarification of ideas, I should consider using more direct language to simplify it for other readers.

My evaluation covers a wide range of research and development stages, and I am successfully able to consider the positives and negatives of the processes. I am able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of pieces, why these occurred, and what I would do to improve. Although, again, I need to be cautious of using complicated language as this can distract from the point I am making.

Overall, throughout the Opposition project, I have considered a good range of research elements, and made some good practical experiments. Also, these processes are all well documented. On the other hand however, I struggled to develop and define my initial concept which was a hindrance to the following stages of development and final piece making. I know now to solidly define my concept in the primary stages to ensure success of the following processes. Additionally, one of my ideas should have been abandoned earlier, rather than left in limbo of not being anything successful, nor being pushed further into something good. From this, I understand that during the next project, I need to sufficiently consider and experiment with my ideas, while also not holding onto the unsuccessful ones – either abandoning them or developing them further.

I believe that the main improvement from this project was a strong concept. If my initial concept had been successful, the other areas would have followed suit. I understand now that my concept provides the primary foundation for my project, and so it needs to be strong in order to build to rest up. I know that for this to happen I need to ask myself why – why have I chosen my concept? What am I trying to communicate? Does my work communicate this?

To conclude, I am now more aware of the areas I am doing well, and the areas I need to improve to achieve the best final grade I can. I have taken my tutors comments on board and intend to improve them during the next project.