Motivation Lecture Reflective

Today we had a class discussion regarding the colossal lack of motivation between us all. We discussed the reason for our lack of development pieces that could progress onto a final outcome, which was initially due next week. I concluded that, the overall reason for this was the struggle between balancing portfolio work and this current project. I know for myself that I am not inspired by this project, perhaps it’s the concept I chose, or the mediums I am currently experimenting with, but I know that I don’t feel inspired to create as much as I otherwise would. I know that, most of us, seek our workshop pieces to be polished and perfected so that they can go into our portfolios, otherwise, what is the point? The only reason for this is because we are working on our projects as well as portfolios, thus we want to kill two birds with one stone. The solution to this would be for us to see that not everything in other people’s portfolios is polished and perfected, so we know that we can include our unperfect development pieces too, contrary to our belief. In addition, the other solution would be to put such pieces into a sketchbook. From this discussion, I have learned that taking research straight into a development workshop is most successful in experimenting. In addition to this, time management and structured planning would benefit me greatly. From this, I intend to plan my day when it is not planned by the tutors so that I ensure I am doing work and creating pieces.