Live Project Designs

If I were to create the promoting banners for the college, I would use photography of student’s hands, inspired by the work of Rinko Kawauchi, with bright colours filtered over. The colours I’ve chosen are shades of bright purple, bright orange, bight turquoise, and silver. In my plan below the colours are paler than I imagine the banners to be. In addition to the colours and the photography, I can see shapes partially filtered over the images too. These would be darker than the colour on the banner, but not too dark that they distract from the image. The idea is that the shapes add an additional element to the banners – with the shapes, filtered colours, and photography, is a power of three which I think would work really well. The designs for each banner are simple sketches on my plan, however they depict some of the subjects I would seek to use in the images. I imagine the images to focus on hands moving, the idea being that the student’s are physically creating their own future, echoing the college slogan, ‘a brighter future’. The same thing is echoed in the colours – bright colours, bright future.