Final Piece Reflective

Overall, I like the concept behind my final piece. I think my piece portrays it well and shows a successful, exaggerated version of a short-sighted person’s perspective of a room. However, practically, I really don’t like it. The colour palette makes me cringe, yet these were the actual colours in my living room in a brighter tone, so they shouldn’t. The piece is not what I had in my head. What I envisaged was something really detailed and textured, with the inclusion of many different elements and mediums. Although my piece does include a number of mediums, I don’t think they work together as successfully as they could. I think I am caught up in the image in my head too much to appreciate my piece as it is. Overall it isn’t bad, but I am neither happy nor proud of it. I think I time managed somewhat unsuccessfully, because I didn’t have time to recreate my piece enough for me to be happy with it. This was because I thought my development pieces for the piece were working successfully, which also stumped me when I realised I didn’t like the piece that followed from it. Moving forward, I intend to perfectly plan my pieces, far ahead of the deadline so I have time for necessary tweaks and adjustments. This will ensure that I create a piece I am proud of.