George Shaw Reflective

This reflection surrounds my visit to George Shaw’s exhibition in my local Abbott Hall Gallery. It seems very simple – walking around a gallery, making notes and sketches, but I found that George Shaw’s work was so unique to what I had expected that I found it really inspiring. I had only been given the subject matter prior to viewing the exhibition – this being ‘Urban Landscapes’. Initially, I looked into this title and gathered some inspiring pieces, all reflecting the title. I expected the artist’s work to do the same, yet I was pleasantly surprised. The artist focuses on the aftermath of the dinner ‘party’ scenes depicted in paintings by Poussin. I think this is such a unique and individual concept that came from well thought out research into other artists. As I am beginning to consider my concept for FMP, this provides me with a secondary way I can come up with a unique and interesting concept. This excites me and encourages me to think outside of the box when concept making. Overall, I found the exhibition really inspiring on a conceptual level and therefore intend to consider other artist’s concepts to develop my own.