George Shaw Research

My initial impressions of the exhibition :-

  • His work Depicts what we have done to the landscape
  • Wasn’t what I expected – he portrays an unconventional urban landscape
  • Focuses on effects in woods, focusing on trees, not actual, conventional landscapes

The information board:-

  • Inspired by mythological woodland landscapes
  • Titan and Poussin
  • Violence, sex and drunkenness
  • Creates comparison between how people treat the landscape today


  • Transgression
  • Aftermath
  • Paints what would be found in today’s society if Poussin’s characters moved off the page of his paintings
  • Parallels to how people behave in the wood today

How well is the concept communicated?

  • Successfully
  • Witty, somber, sad, wonder, story

My sketches of work:-