Interview Activity

What should you consider when going for an interview?

  • Research and learn about the place you are being interviewed for
  • Know and understand the subject
  • Consider recent events within the subject
  • Consider how you present yourself – appearance; don’t over think it, wear something comfortable but remember to be presentable
  • Consider what they’ll ask and prepare answers for the questions
  • Consider something to ask them so you sound passionate
  • Confidence, work with yourself – you know yourself so work to your own advantage, play to your personality
  • Perhaps take extra things in case you suddenly realise you need to stand out from the rest
  • Be professional – remember that this is your future
  • Show that you have thought about your future
  • Consider the type of interview, prepare for it

What kind of things might you expect at an interview in the Creative Arts?

  • Expect them to ask questions about yourself, your portfolio and your personal statement
  • Expect to show development – show your potential
  • Constructive criticism
  • Need to be aware of specialsm, what’s currently going on
  • Problem exercises
  • Group interviews
  • The interviewer going through your portfolio without you being there
  • The interviewer doing something unexpected, such as grabbing your sketchbooks and barely looking at your actual portfolio
  • Expect the unexpected

If you could picture yourself in 5 years time, where would you be and what would you be doing?

  • I hope to have finished my masters degree, be moving to another country – perhaps Dubai – to go straight into industry.

If you were awarded a grant of £3,000 for a major art project, how would you use the money?

  • I would create something current, something relevant to the issues in today’s society – feminism, Trump, global warming – to attract as many people as I could.
  • I would want to do something shocking, something that sparks passion or anger in viewers, something that people remember.

Do you have a vision for your work?

  • I vision my work being successful in industry. I hope to be unique and stand out.

How do you want other people to respond to your art?

  • I want them to appreciate, to ask questions, to have an opinion and be passionate in some way.