Leeds Beckett – School of Art, Architecture and Design Interview

My interview at Leeds Beckett was an interesting one. I arrived just five minutes late having found it hard to park and being stuck in traffic. This already threw me off because I set off 45 minutes ahead of my pre-evaluated setting off time. I ran through the door of the uni and consulted the reception staff who got me to sit in the waiting hour. I expected to be sat for a few minutes while she figured out which room I was in and gave me directions, however this was not the case. I was left there for one hour. During this time the only things going through my mind were frustration of my five minutes late being extended to one hour and five minutes late, and increasing nervousness about my upcoming interview. During this hour the reception staff kept reassuring me they were doing all they could to find my room, but honestly, I probably could have found the room myself. Initially, I felt put off by this disorganisation, but I was eventually taken to the correct room to be interviewed and in the end, my lateness being extended worked out for the better. Due to my being late being fully out of my control, the tutor gave me a personal, informal presentation that I had missed when I was sat downstairs. This meant I was able to ask necessary questions, develop a kind of relationship with her and gauge the kind of person my interviewer was. When I was properly explained the course, I fell in love with it. My interviewer repeated that they value individualism more than anything – they encourage you to be different to stand out in industry. She told me how most of their former students had progressed onto amazing things in Manchester, London, and even LA. She showed me the work of the first years who had all created conceptual, indifferent models, which I loved and felt inspired by. This presentation was really reassuring and made me forget the disorganisation of downstairs. I was then interviewed, which went well, and was offered a place. Some pointers my interviewer said were to keep sketching; to maintain and build up my drawing skill, to develop. I found this really helpful because I presented to me what they were really looking for. She also said that she admires my passion, and can really visualise me on the course, pulling my love for many mediums together into a living space.