Mock Interview Reflective

My mock interview with my tutors highlighted some areas I need to improve on. I was asked who had won the RIBA awards, the answer to which I did not know yet I should have as an architecture awards link into interior design. When asked to describe my personality, I stated three words which I believe summed me up, however it was said that I should go into more detail about this. I think I didn’t go into detail because I am aware my tutors already know me so I held back – in a real interview I would go into much more depth in describing myself. When I described my favourite piece and how I would improve it, I was quite negative about in and stated that I would essentially change the entire thing. Dave stated that this negativity could plant a seed in a real interview, and I stand by this immensely. I hadn’t realised before but I am quite negative when considering my work because I am aware I need to be critical. Having it pointed out to me that being so negative can have negative impacts was really helpful because I now know I need to big myself up more. Overall, this mock interview has been very helpful.