Art People Gallery

Art People Gallery

The ‘Art People Gallery’ is a page displaying various types of art with intuitive concepts. Often, I find interesting ideas on this page, so I believe it would be beneficial to re-look at it with an open mind for new concepts and techniques to potentially further research within FMP.


  • These innovative chair designs were inspired by nature and flowers. My ideas are the concept being: enlarging small things, recreating flowers, simple shapes, out of place?


  • Don Kenn
  • ‘A little window into a different world’
  • I interpret this artist’s concept to surrounding mental illness as the image above depicts some kind of monster following the man. This piece is actually entitled ‘Stress Monster’ which evidences this. I like this presentation of the concept and think it could be explored in alternative ways such as product design – a dark monster on the reverse side of a happy advertisement on a bottle.


  • Meredith Wing – fashion designer who combines flowers into 3D drawings.
  • Alternative use of flowers encourages me to visualise a concept surrounding the idea of using natural items in an unconventional way – tree-houses, stone furniture, flower furniture, returns to the idea of enlarging items.


  • Gabriel Isak – ‘The Blue Journey’, uses photography as a metaphor for experiences of the soul.
  • ‘Surreal and melancholic scenes’, ‘inspired by the world of dreams and psychology’, ‘symbolise our own unconscious states’.
  • The idea of a concept regarding dreams and psychology sparks inspiration. I could look at dream interpretation and the psychology behind it, this could develop into visual artworks and then focusing on my specialism by curating an interior space, which could potentially be challenging but really effective if executed well. I studied psychology for A-Level and still have my notes about dream analysis which look at why we have dreams and how we can interpret what they mean.


  • I’m unsure of the artist of this piece, however, I think it could depict some kind of conscious state of mind, similar to the previous artist. It could portray alternative dance due to the ballet shoes. I think the complimentary colours work together to convey a message, perhaps it portrays a circus dancer or a dream dancer.

Re-looking at this art page stimulated many concept ideas. My favourite was the work of Gabriel Isak inspired by dreams and psychology as this has given me the idea to look into dream interpretation or something similar. I intend to research other artist’s concepts to a fuller extent before I make a decision, yet looking at this page has given me a head start.