Beginning FMP Reflective

This morning’s FMP activities inspired a certain motivation within me. We discussed our personal target grades and why we wish to achieve them. Doing this, I realised I want to aim as high as possible this year because I feel I let myself down with my grades last year. During sixth-form, I discovered I greatly struggle with exams and fail to achieve a grade that reflects my capability during them. Unfortunately, I realised this too late in the year and was not given any additional support, meaning my grades from A-Level do not reflect my work ethic nor my passion, especially in art. Because of this, I want the highest possible grade I can from this course and intend to work my hardest for it. I believe I am capable of a distinction, providing I time manage effectively and create a concept I am 100% passionate about. This realisation and decision has motivated me to work extensively hard during this project and to give it everything I have got.