Concept Research From Article

Life Changing Concepts

  • ‘Don’t struggle with reality’ – surreal, fantasy, taking life too seriously, dream world, miniature worlds, ‘The Miniaturist’ (novel).
  • ‘Let the future unfold’ – a concept surrounding the future? Futuristic elements, fantasy, Futurama, dystopian world, ‘Never Let Me Go’ (novel),  ‘The Fire Sermon’ (novel).
  • ‘Simplify everything’ – simplistic, minimalism, the idea of simplifying complicated things?
  • ‘Let go of attachments’ – attachments, see psychology notes, family attachments with parents, how a child turns out if too attached, what lack of attachment does to children.
  • ‘Train your brain’ – neuroplasticity, changes in the brain, aspects of the brain can be altered, behaviour, environmental stimuli, thought, and emotions.
  • ‘Create vs. react’ – create life by design rather than by reaction, studies on how I and others react to things and how these could be changed if we took control.

Coming across this article presented some additional concept ideas. This article was beneficial in opening my mind to a range of concepts, however, I don’t believe any of them spark a particular passion yet.