Local Concept Research

Jenny Natusch exhibition:-

  • Explores and challenges ‘society’s perceptions of the idea of value, and commenting on the spectrum of life that is missed by the rush of the routine, and the limitations of the naked eye’.
  • Singling out individual grains of sand, creating studies of them.
  • Her pieces remind me of miniature worlds that could be created in the grooves on the grains of sand.
  • The artist communicates her concept through microscopic photographs and sketched or painted studies of them.
  • I believe her concept is translated successfully because I, personally, feel the value of these grains of sand – each image conveys the beautiful patterns and textures that are formulated within each grain of sand, which mimic valuable, precious gemstones, highlighting their value to me.

Kendal Library:-

  • Based on a book
  • Knowledge isn’t everything
  • Through a window
  • Architecture of classic/old buildings

Parish Church:-

  • Agricultural
  • Ageing
  • Religion
  • Stain glass
  • Secularisation


Made in Cumbria:-

  • Objects of desire
  • Travelling
  • Local
  • Recycling natural materials to make art

From walking around:-

  • Childhood
  • Segregation – identity
  • Groups
  • Civilisation
  • Guidance
  • Graffiti

Innovative concept:-

  • Childhood around the world – Western/Eastern, technology, lack of childhood, difference over time, meningitis vaccination
  • Globalisation – free movement, industrialisation, businesses off-shore, corporation corruption, global warming

Innovative concept from a journal:-

  • Francoise Grossen – inspiration from utilitarian structures and objects such as rope suspension bridges, makes similar structures from textiles
  • Peter Voulkose – life through pottery, autobiography