Self Assessment

Reflective Journal


  • Recording feedback and critique
  • Making objective comments about the feedback
  • Using it to sort out my ideas and inspirations – documenting what is happening in my head and enabling me to move forward

Areas for improvement:

  • Really become my own tutor
  • Use it strictly at least three times a week – write the post after the event has happened rather than a couple of days after. Doing this will enable me to not lose focus on the event
  • Use the journal to discuss more problems that I encounter
  • Reflect more on inspirations and problems rather than random things

Trust Evaluation


  • Discuss all/most research elements
  • Identifying problems
  • Presents the journey of my project

Areas for improvement:

  • Assess myself more objectively
  • Really analyse what went well and what didn’t
  • Use more direct language – ‘cut to the chase’
  • Be more critical

Trust Project: Research

Draw your circle (., o, O = small, medium, large).

  • Between . and o


  • Used a number of research types

Areas for improvement:

  • Use more research types
  • Fully analyse how each research element benefitted me or if it didn’t
  • Absorb more art for research – films, music, more galleries
  • Fully immerse myself into researching my concept/project
  • Research more artists and techniques
  • Discover everything there is to know about my project

Trust Project: Development

Draw your circle (., o, O = small, medium, large).

  • 0


  • Experimented with a range of techniques
  • Discovered which mediums worked and didn’t work to portray my concept

Areas for improvement:

  • Experiment with every idea
  • Put each research into a workshop and develop each idea
  • Push ideas to their full extent
  • Fully experiment with everything and anything
  • Remember that research and development overlap – they’re not completely two separate stages

Trust Project: Final

Draw your circle.

  • Between . and 0


  • Experimented with techniques to portray my idea

Areas for improvement:

  • Research final piece ideas within plenty of time of the deadline
  • Don’t stick to one final piece idea
  • Push techniques into the final piece development stages – don’t stick to just a few
  • Leave enough time to improve final piece before deadline
  • Fully experiment with many final piece ideas – push each element forward

FMP Grade

Write the grade you would like to achieve and why?

  • I wish to achieve a distinction in final major project. I believe it is a grade I am capable of achieving if I fully submerse myself into my project and push myself as far as possible. I wish to achieve this to express my full potential and to prove to myself that I can do it.